Smokeware Stainless Steel Chimney Cap – Product Review.

On this video I review the Smokeware SS vent cap for kamado grills. Not only does this vent looked great and functions great but it can benefit your kamado gill.

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Benefits & Advantages of the SS Vented Chimney Cap:

The SS vented Cap maintains the settings when the kamado grill is opened (does not swivel open).
The Stainless Steel body prevents rusting and can easily be removed for cleaning.
The SS Vented Cap will not accidentally fall off the kamado grill in the fully open position.
The SS Vented Chimney Cap can remain fully open when the grill is not in operation since the cover provides protection from rain and this feature allows air flow during hot Summer days and helps prevent the build-up of mold & mildew in the kamado grill during periods of non-use.

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