Grill Dome Kamado Grill Review

Grill Dome Kamado Grill
Brand: Grills
Manufacturer: Grill Dome
Model: Infinity Large
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When I first receive my Grill Dome Infinity Large one of the first things I noticed was how beefy this thing is. The side wall of the grill is 1.5 inches thick, twice as thick as other ceramic grills. The ceramic is made up of a Terpapex ceramic that has 7 natural ceramic. This allows the grill to withstand hotter temps well over 1000°F. The Grill Dome comes standard with a 5 year warranty on the gaskets and a lifetime warranty on the grill itself. The grill is manufactured in India and comes in a few sizes ranging from small, large, and XL. The Large series offers 260 sq. inches of grilling space with a diameter of 18 inches. The hardware comes in 304 stainless steel on all model so no need to worry about rust.

Grill Dome Infinity Series Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Smoker Grill, Red, Large
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I have been using the Grill Dome grill now for almost 2 years and I must say that this is one versatile grill. From low and slow to high temp baking and grilling. The dome lid is very easy to lift due to Featherlite hinges which is a feature I really enjoy. The Grill Dome has plenty of accessories and tools such as grill extenders and ceramic stones.

I must say that one of the best-selling points to getting a Grill Dome is the fact is holds temp for hours. I had a small catering gig to cook for and pulled pork was on the menu. I did not want to stay up all night and baby sit my stick burner so I lit up the Grill Dome at 6pm, brought it to temp (250°F) by 7pm, and had the pork butt on at 7:15pm. I went to bed and at 7:30am the temp was still sitting at 250°F. Incredible! I even had left over charcoal due to the thick and insulated ceramic holding heat more efficiently. This is one beast of a grill. If you want to smoke meats low an slow, bake a cake, or sear a Tomahawk steak at 600°F this is the grill to use.

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